Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MUJI Means Green Tech for Cardboard Speakers

These days, when it comes to gadgets, cool and slick may not necessarily cut it. Yes, green is in and if your gadget isn't friendly to the environment, it may not get the kind of attention or acclaim it needs that would translate to sales.

Green gadgets are coming out in all shapes and kinds. Here we have foldable cardboard speakers, which the manufacturer says have little electronic parts. When you order it, you will get it folded in a neat plastic package. By the looks of it, it's only the speaker enclosure that's cardboard. You can't expect to have the diaphragm holder and the magnets to be made of cardboard too you know. But that's okay.

For a change, the cardboard enclosure may give a new twist to your sounds and listening experience. Who knows, cardboard may even prove to be better than wood or metal in bringing out the bass from your tunes or surround sound system. These cardboard speakers are made and distributed in Japan. It follows the MUJI (no-brand goods) principle of using simple materials for technology products. MUJI is derived from the Japanese phrase mujirushi ryohin. With MUJI, simple things like paper is indeed popular for all sorts of stuff.

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