Monday, September 5, 2011

When We Toy with Used Cars in Milan

Of all the places in the Mediterranean, Italy is one place you’d associate with pasta instead of gadgets. But the country is famous for its cars, and cars are gadgets in a sense, corretto? People do toy with cars as much as they do with tablet PCs.

Do you ever feel the need to toy with a used car in Milan - auto usate Milano ? If do, there’s Garage del Parco's website to check out. It's in Italian, so it's perfect! Looking at their website, Garage del Parco seems to be the place to go if you’re interested in toying with a used car for sale - vendita auto usate . Compro auto usate (Buying a used car) could not be easier with this site. The information given there is complete. It covers the entire process their cars undergo, from when they first enter the dealership to when a customer takes delivery.

Used car purchases are usually risky because the car’s history is unknown, as is the dealer’s integrity. At Garage del Parco, they’re very open about how they choose their cars. Each one undergoes a rigid selection process to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

The red-hot color of the site is very Italian, and it’s what first caught my attention. But that’s just an appetizer. When I actually explored it, how thoroughly it describes each car impressed me.

It’s easy to navigate around the site. There’s a convenient row of buttons on the left, so you easily access the information you need.

There’s a wide variety of cars being offered, and there’s something for practically everyone. The site provides all the data you’d ever need on each one, from standard accessories, options installed, mileage, to how many owners it’s had. I especially like how each car comes with a complete photoset, from the exterior to the interior.

They also have photos of different areas of the dealership, as well as pictures of the owners and staff, with information on them. And there’s an interesting section on the history of the company. It’s a family-owned enterprise, started by their patriarch, Aldo Antonio, in the 60s. Then his son, Alexander, who grew up around cars, transformed his father’s old workshop into a modern dealership in 1978. His sister Manuela takes care of the accounting.

Taking a tour of this website is almost like taking a tour of the dealership. The photos are good, and the design of the site is attractive. At Garage del Parco, they pretty much have the answer to any question you’d need to ask about used cars.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

MP3 Player Designed to Ease Pimples

Everyone seems to have an MP3 player so the gadget is no longer something to show off, except maybe if your MP3 player is unlike anything the others might have. One such MP3 player that qualifies for this quality is made in Japan and is curiously called the pimple player. It's the mpion and is really basically a simple MP3 player capable of holding only 128 megabytes of flash memory. It doesn't even have a display. What it does have is hidden at the back. You might not see anything fancy and interesting there, but it's there.

So what's at the back? It's something that you move over your face (supposedly while you play music) in order to help keep your skin pimple-free. Yes, it's strange but if it can really do what it's supposed to do to your skin, maybe it should be marketed as a pimple remover that plays MP3s instead of an MP3 player that removes pimples. It just says the back releases negative ions which are supposedly good for the skin. While it's not clear how the device is able to rid your face of pimples, it's still kind of appealing to have an MP3 player that releases negative ions.

If you want an MP3 player that's different, maybe this is something for you. But if you want something that really does your skin some good, just go to a dermatologist and ask for some advice.

Read about ways to take care of your skin in Everything New Skin Care.

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