Thursday, June 4, 2009

Motion Control is the Future of All Video Games

Everyone went wow, when they saw how entertaining the Nintendo Wii video game was. It was a new experience in videogaming which added another dimension to how the game is controlled. Who would have thought that moving your arms instead of just pushing buttons with your fingers is more entertaining and engrossing to more people? Well, it's a fact and other video game companies are following the Nintendo's example and have released their own version of motion controllers.

Microsoft has one that has a camera, a depth sensor, a microphone, and processor that allows it to track the motion of the body and that practically includes everything. It can even recognize the player's face and voice. Would you believe that it can also scan real world objects? And did we mention that it's also voice-activated? The Xbox machine now has a motion controller for games that allow users to paint with their hands and talk to an artificially-intelligent character called Milo. Sony, on the other hand came up with a wand-like device with a glowing end. It can transform into all manner of handheld weapons or game implements.

These new video controller technology may soon make the television screen obsolete in that the images from the video game may soon be directly fed to the eyes of the player via a visor worn like eyeglasses. This output device used to be a problem when the game is played using traditional controllers like the game pad, which required the user to look at it when playing.

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