Thursday, December 11, 2008

Electronic Sensing Skin Jewelry to Revolutionize Fashion

Traditionally, jewelry is worn around our neck, wrists, waist, head, or ankles. Lately, piercings became popular even though this is an old culturally-specific practice. Lately, fashion jewelry have been going electronic owing to miniaturization technologies. Yes, we've seen rings that light up or change color to make for a more catchy effect.

Now, the Philips company is pioneering on technology that allows jewelry to be worn directly on the skin and to respond to a person's emotional state. It's called Electronic Sensing Skin Jewelry and it's seen to revolutionize fashion. This new line of jewelry came to be in line with the STELLA project in which "stretchable, flexible electronic substrates that integrate energy supply, sensors, actuators, and display" are made.

According to Philips, the new products are designed to take forms that are "playful, sensual, mood affected, bio activity stimulated, and arousal enhancing." You can imagine the potential of these products in doing things to your body you have never thought was possible before with ordinary jewelry. The project developers also say that the products are "semi disposable, bio compatible, non-allergenic, breathable, mass customizable, self contained body worn accessory." It's been branded as Skintile and should be a good complement to other body adornment and art.

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