Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Bicycle with Two Legs Instead of Wheels

Can you imagine riding a bicycle with two walking legs instead of wheels? It's hard, yes, but you don't have to try anymore because there is such a robotic device. It's made by Honda and is based on advanced robotics technology.

Designed to help workers in factories to move, it has also been touted as a boon for the weak and the elderly who find it difficult to climb stairs or even to walk. The device works by putting the seat between your legs and your feet into the built-in shoes. You then sit comfortably while the robot enhances your walking movements.

Reporters who tried the new device said it took some getting used to but they saw how useful the invention was. In a video demonstration, the device was shown worn by employees in a car assembly line checking the undercarriage of vehicles in production. It really is a cool way to move about while sitting down. I think an accessory desk will also work for it. That way, you're boss will never find you away from your desk goofing around.

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