Sunday, September 28, 2008

Microsoft's Zune Makes Music Sounds Better

by Mayank

I've been looking at dozens of great new tech gadgets recently for an upcoming story, and this sleek little MP3 player is too adorable not to show you guys! The brand new model of Microsoft's Zune portable media player is beautifully designed, incredibly tiny, and comes in half a dozen bright colors including this pretty leaf green.

Best of all? It can actually help me find songs similar to the music I already have, and I can wirelessly connect to my friends' players to see what they're listening to. Useful tools indeed for someone who still has the Backstreet Boys on their playlist!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pinhole Glasses Now Used for Correcting Acquired Myopia in Children

Half the population of the United States suffer from myopia. This means that 50 percent need to use corrective glasses, but not all may wish to or are able to due to a number of reasons. Kids, for example, may find wearing glasses embarrassing, tedious, and unwieldy. But more often than not, refractive eye problems in children can be fixed by wearing corrective glasses for a period of time. However, prescription glasses may not always be necessary as pinhole eyeglasses can be used as substitutes.

We all know how kids like to play make believe. They make paper visors worn with rubber bands behind the ears and pretend to be super heroes. They're able to see through tiny pinholes in the visor. I'm sure many of you reading this know what I'm talking about, and if you're nearsighted, you also know how your blurred vision "disappears" while looking through the little holes in the visor. In other words, you are able to see! It's really a fact of science sages have pondered upon for thousands of years.

I've always wondered why no one has made those "pinhole glasses" and sold them. I didn't realize until lately that they're now all over the Internet! A little searching led me to this site called Pinhole Glasses Direct which is all about pinhole eyeglasses. I found it easily navigable with the menu tabs below the header, so I checked out the contents. What I found particularly interesting is the page which explained why users of prescription glasses are switching to pinhole glasses.

As a user of prescription glasses, I wanted to know how commercial pinhole glasses compare and how these can be used as an alternative. Like many of you out there, I know how frustrating it can be when glasses get loose screws, cracked, shattered, warped, and outgrown. I wanted to know if other people with vision problems - particularly acquired myopia, can also find them useful. I know pinhole glasses work, but will people actually wear them?

The contents of the site pretty much explained everything from the perspective of science - from how pinhole glasses work to improve vision to how pinhole glasses can cure acquired myopia - which is very important since many children suffer from this condition and most cases are easily corrected. The site says pinhole glasses are the one solution to many eye problems. It specifically indicates how the product can prevent the onset of acquired myopia and gives excerpts on research studies with accompanying reference sources.

Pinhole Glasses Direct offers a single model of pinhole glasses. Each pinhole "lens" is laser-holed and of a typical black color. These are set in a white frame. The design makes it ideal for general indoor or outdoor use and should be suitable for both adults and children as long as the standard size fits.

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